“Images that people want to hang on their walls are the images I like to produce,” said Jacksonville, Illinois resident David Blanchette, whose Midwest scenes capture the beauty of everyday settings and the often pleasing dichotomy of man-made and natural environments.

           David’s interest in photography began when he received a camera as a college graduation gift in 1982, and since then his images have appeared in numerous publications, postcards, calendars, and news wire service stories.

           He has operated a Springfield, Illinois wedding and portrait photography studio (www.studio131photo.com) since 1990.  Photographing weddings, he says, “trains you to always be ready for that decisive moment, the apex when all of the visual elements come together to make an outstanding photograph.”

            Although some of his images convey a subtle beauty, David usually tries for a strong visual statement with his photographs.  “I want viewers to be drawn to an image the first time they see it,” he said.

            Digital or film?  David maintains it doesn’t matter.  “The best camera is the one you have in your hand when a once in a lifetime shot comes along.”

            David’s “other life” has included a stint as an award-winning radio news reporter and as a publicist for Illinois’ historic tourist attractions, including the new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.